Jack Sparrow takes the shores
of Lake Ontario on a Tall Ship 3D Projection

Tall Ship 3D Projection

video capture & production, 3D scanning, 3D mapping + 3D projection
Walt Disney Studios

A glorified trailer on a “boat at sea” for Walt Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Our concept was to create a battle at sea with haunting pirate ghosts, with 3D projection taking over a ship on Lake Ontario to spark curiosity and build up social media anticipation for the movie.

Given only 48 hours, we launched into action and delivered an experience that gave Disney’s social media channels a buzzworthy campaign with over two million views and thousands of likes/comments/shares for a successful movie launch.


3D scans of the tall sail ship were performed and the ship was 3D mapped to deliver a moving battle at sea using 3D projection. From the pre-production phase to creating CGI fires on the boat, to the complete content creation and final video production, Derooted worked around the clock to bring this grandiose plan to life. With a unique glimpse into the world of Jack Sparrow, the audience was absolutely floored.

Here concept is king, not the technology. Our projects are deep-rooted in the creative process. What can derooted do for your brand? Contact us today and find out.
Pirates of the Caribbean Disney Pictures Tall Ship D Projection
agency: Simon Pure
client: Walt Disney Studios
technical director: Sean Hooper
- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (case study)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Tall Ship 3D Projection

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