Concept, design, Augmented Reality application development

Sapporo: Gateway To Japan Augmented Reality application

Concept, Creative direction, Story line, Animation, Sound design
Instagram Campaign

Derooted Immersive created an Augmented Reality app for Sapporo Beer that transports users to an Izakaya in Tokyo, providing them with an immersive experience of Japanese culture and cuisine. To achieve this, we leveraged the latest AR technology, which enables users to feel like they’re physically present in the virtual environment.

Agency 123W
Client: Sapporo Beer

With the app, users simply need to scan mysterious markers on Sapporo Beer’s packages, posters, and ads. Like magic, this activates the AR feature, whisking them away to a buzzing virtual Izakaya. Inside, users can snoop around and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

Our app lets users scan markers on Sapporo Beer items, posters, and ads. This starts the AR part and takes them to a virtual Izakaya. There, users can look around and feel the busy space.

The app doesn’t let users order food or drinks. We wanted users to feel like they’re really there, so we used the newest AR tech to make a lifelike experience.

We’re proud of our app, which uses AR tech to give users a special and lasting experience. By focusing on making users feel present, our app meets the goals of our client, Sapporo Beer. The app shows good teamwork between Sapporo Beer and Derooted Immersive. Our main goal was to make an app that moves users to a different world, and we think we did that with this project.

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