Ford challenge accepted. An immersive creation with digital integration, custom algorithm and 3D Projection

Ford immersive creation

concept, custom coding & app design, 3D scanning, 3D mapping + 3D projection, virtual production
Ford Canada

Born in North America, Ford trucks are known for their reliability and strength, helping to build Canada. Our idea began with the need to connect the ‘auto’ with its people – hard working Canadian families. And so we told the story of Canadian resiliency literally on the Ford F-150 model itself.  This storytelling mode forever turned the car commercial over its head.

ArtistMarcosChindrawingliveandDProjectionofasceneryonaFordF truckinLosAngelesstudio
ArtistMarcosChindrawingliveandDProjectionofasceneryonaFordF truckinLosAngelesstudio

We experimented with ways to use the truck as a canvas. Teaming up with the award-winning Canadian illustrator Marcos Chin, we engineered a technique that let the artist illustrate (in real time) onto the truck itself. With a full-scale laser scan, we built a 3D model of the truck for use in a digital environment. Marcos worked his illustration magic freely on his tablet that was simultaneously 3D mapped and projected (in real time) to perfectly wrap around the truck. The commercial was nothing less than a stunning jaw dropper.

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derootedvirtualproduction&DProjectionofasceneryonaFordF truckinLosAngelesstudioheaderlong
agency: SJR Group
client: Ford Canada
technical director: Sean Hooper
Ford F-Series Super Duty

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