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hacking reality

integrative thought process

A dynamic multidisciplinary team of creative problem solvers defying bounds of reality to create fantastical unique immersive experiences interactive installations & Instagrammable moments for top brands.

dream big

we observe, explore, play

Our inspiration comes from the real. We push boundaries to bring unconventional ideas to life with precision and articulation.

Derooted immersive lab interactive experiences
Derooted immersive lab interactive experiences

concept is king

not the technology

At derooted, concept is king, not the technology. Our projects are deep-rooted in the creative process.

adaptive technologies

explore the unimaginable

With a plethora of knowledge and an arsenal technologies, we engineer the impossible. Challenge always accepted.

Derooted immersive lab interactive experiences
Derooted immersive lab interactive experiences

seamless execution

bringing it home

We engage and listen to our client’s needs to bring your vision to fruition and deliver a seamless execution. Top brands trust us to bring it home.

dderooted immersive technologies and virtual roduction

tech stack

• Dynamic Digital & Static Analog Scenography
• Virtual Methodology
• Virtual Production (VP)
• Digital Process Interaction
• Unreal Engine
• Unity 3D
• Touch Designer
• Holographic Technologies
• Motion Graphics & Animation
• Real-time Lighting
• Motion Design (FX)
• Spatial Scanning
• 3D Mapping & Projection
• 3D Animation
• Binaural & Quad-Binaural Audio Capture
• 3D Soundscape Design
• Hardware Integration using Micro-controllers
• Near-Field Communication (NFC)
• Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)
• Sensor Technology (Light / Proximity / Infrared / Ultrasonic / Acoustic)
• Accelerators & Gyroscope
• Processing
• Custom Interface Immersive Integration
• Interactive Programming
• Adaptive Machine Learning
• Human Interaction Analysis
• X Reality (XR)
• Virtual Reality (VR)
• Augmented Reality (AR)
• Immersive Experiences

Our projects are deep-rooted in the creative process and with over the 15+ years of experience, only the worlds finest brands have chosen to work with us resulting in fantastical solutions. We also work in support of Agencies, production houses and directors to add dynamic digital scenography or holographic technologies to achieve the impossible.

our process

Concept is Born

Ideation. The playground.

Taking a multi-disciplinary approach to explore concepts and consider the context of experiences.

Methodical Planning

Strategize. Plan.

Fabricate models, test ideas, explore technologies and obsess over the logistics and technical setup.

Bring to Life

Design. Innovate.

From the drawing board to the cutting room floor. From video to sound. We build, create, shoot and code.


Integrate. Enhance.

Harmonizing all project variables, strategically and meticulously. This is when we test, rehearse, adjust and improve it all before going live.


Implement. To perfection.

Show time! We stay true to the end, arranging everything to run smoothly. Our onsite crew will guarantee a tour de force.

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